How To Make a Flower Press

How to...... Make a Flower Press

Welcome to my first blog in the "How to ...." series. This month we are looking at how to make your very own super duper flower press. Now most of you, at the very mention of something like a flower press, might have images of Victorian ladies sitting around pressing flowers and dreaming of love (perfectly acceptable behaviour in my book). And you wouldn't be far wrong. Pressing flowers was a very popular past time , sometimes flowers were just popped into books and the weight of the book did all the pressing. I however love to press flowers and then use them as a guide when I am painting flowers. I like to paint things in quite a flat manner and studying pressed flowers helps me do this.

So, lets get started! Firstly I have provided a free upload of the pattern that I used on the front of my flower press. You can find this here. You will need to go through the rigmaroll of buying it in order to download it for free. Sorry that there doesn't seem to be a simpler way of doing this. 

What do I need?..........

Two pieces of heavy MDF or any odd pieces of wood. The heavier the better!

4 long bolts

4 wing nuts

4 washers

Cardboard, preferrably thick cardboard, like corrugated cardboard.

Watercolour paper or blotting paper, or experiment with any absorbent paper.



Cut out MDF to desired size. Drill four holes in the corners and make sure that the corners line up! Also make sure that the drill hole isn't too big to allow for the bolt to be screwed through.


Decorate the top piece of wood. You can download the drawing of the pattern I have used here for free from my pattern shop. You can trace it on to the cover board using carbon paper. Then simply paint it in using your own selection of colours etc.


Simply cut your cardboard to fit within the bolts and then......


Assemble it all together!! Starting with the base board insert the bolts, then add a layer of cardboard, layer of paper, the flowers arranged as you would like them to look when pressed, a layer of paper, a layer of cardboard and finally the cover board ,fed down over the bolts. 

Then place a washer on the bolt, then fix the wing nut down as tight as it can go. If you find, like mine, that there is a smooth part at the end of the bolt and you can't seem to get it tight enough, just add more layers of cardboard to make it thicker and this will tighten for you.


And that is it! I would love to see what you create or even if you use the pattern to decorate something else entirely.... endless possibilities! If you would like to share what you have created, and you are on Instagram, please use #birdflowerpress in your description and we will all get to see them!
Have fun...

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